Welcome!  I'm a clinical social worker, licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia, providing psychotherapy services to adults and adolescents who are seeking help with eating disorders, anxiety, depression and life transition issues.  If you're feeling stuck or lost, working with me in therapy will help you sort out your concerns, create a plan for moving forward in a healthy, more adaptive way, and find relief in getting support and encouragement along the way.  Therapy can be a transformative experience, offering freedom from judgment and space to speak your truth.  


Serving adults and adolescents
Intake                                  $250     (60 mins)
Individual Therapy                 $200     (45 mins)
Family Therapy/FBT               $225    (60 mins)
Group Therapy                      TBD
 Services start with an intake session that will include an opportunity for you to share your concerns with me, provide background information and discuss thoughts on moving forward in therapy as well as personal goals.  The assessment period may require more than one session. Subsequent sessions are typically weekly but may be modified depending on need. FBT (Family-Based Treatment) is a specialized type of eating disorder treatment for adolescents and their parents.  After the assessment, I will recommend a particular approach and treatment options will be discussed.  I offer telehealth sessions for clients in Maryland as well as DC.  *Currently telehealth only due to pandemic.
Group Therapy:  Please contact me to discuss interest in eating disorder support group or parent support group via telehealth.
Insurance and Fees:  I do not participate with insurance plans so I would be considered an out-of-network provider.  I provide the necessary documentation for submitting to your insurance company if you have out of network benefits and may qualify for partial reimbursement.  Payment is accepted via cash, check or credit card, including FSA or HSA cards.

Hours and Availability:  I offer both weekday/evening and Saturday hours.  Currently providing telehealth services only.
Note regarding adolescent clients:  a parent or legal guardian must attend intake session to confirm consent for treatment and participate in part of session.  FBT requires parent(s) at each session.  Confidentiality policy and family involvement will be reviewed. 

Contact Me

My office is located in downtown Bethesda, 1.5 blocks from the Bethesda metro stop on the red line.  Free surface parking is available for clients in front of the building.  Please reach out to me to see if we might work well together--I'd be happy to discuss your situation to help determine if my services would be an appropriate fit for you. *Currently providing telehealth/video sessions only at this time.

4405 East-West Highway

Suite 205

Bethesda, MD 20814

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